Primitiva | Tipo 1


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Wheat flour type "1" is obtained by grinding the whole body.

Excellent results in the bakery: particularly suitable for all processes and leavening of flour with a W target of 280/300.

Ideal for Pastry: Sponge cake, doughnuts, Puff Pastry, Pie, Margherita.

This flour is suitable for both traditional and rising to the instantaneous character of baking powder; the dough stiffens and especially large bubbles form a smooth, fine, and soft. Excellent results for puff pastry. The dough can be easily rolled and is able to withstand long operations.

Ideal for dough leavening direct short or medium in the pizzeria. The finished product with this flour will have a distinctive aroma and flavour, which manages to (re) discover the different facets of the taste of one of the best selections of fine grains on the market today.